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Join us on an exceptional journey where advanced technologies meet the thrill of discovering valuable insights from data. At Intellus Group, we’re not just refining data – we’re changing how businesses perceive their potential. With our three distinct brands – Cubis, Lytix, and Aivix – we’re bringing a fresh approach to the realm of data.

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What can you expect?

Knowledge sharing

We share what we know to help each other learn and do better.

Personal growth

We help everyone grow by supporting their learning and development.


We work together and support each other to achieve our goals.


We are excited about what we do and bring that energy to our work.


We enjoy our work and create a lively environment.

Life @ Intellus

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I never knew that work could be this fulfilling and fun until I joined Intellus. 10 months in, I've had the chance to work with multiple clients and see the impact of my work firsthand. The only downside is that now I'm afraid I might actually enjoy Mondays!

Mathias Van Aelten

Data Engineer @ Aivix

I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting projects that have allowed me to grow and excel not only on a technical level but also in terms of my confidence and communication skills. The combination of a friendly and welcoming working environment and challenging opportunities is what keeps us happy and motivated.

Emma Willaert

Data & Analytics Consultant @ Lytix

The culture of knowledge sharing at Cubis has allowed me to grow and develop myself in ways That I never could have Imagined. By working collaboratively with colleagues from different backgrounds and with different areas of expertise, I have gained new insights and expanded my skill set.

Jordy Begois

Data & Analytics Consultant @ Cubis

For me, choosing Intellus in 2018 equalled: A small serving of 'Limburg' jokes 😊, a healthy portion of challenging customers & a large portion of atmosphere on/next to the workplace.

Mattia Andronico

Data & Analytics Consultant @ Cubis

I didn't realize it was possible to have fun and keep learning at the same time until I started working at Cubis!

Hanne Vandermarliere

Data & Analytics Consultant @ Cubis

Thanks to my education at Thomas More, I started my career with a backpack full of wisdom! During the Academy, I became a real Analytics Consultant. I learned not only hard skills, but also soft skills, such as storytelling and project management.

Kenneth Dekkers

Data & Analytics Consultant @ Lytix